The Best Way To Lay Artificial Grass On Uneven Ground

If you desire to put down artificial grass, on an uneven surface, you should consider landscaping the area first. If you do this, when installing this synthetic material, even if the ground is uneven, you will be able to deal with imperfections, and unsecured edges, as you are putting this on the surface.

Artificial Lawn Company will provide you with their installation team that can help you with outdoor and garden areas, ensuring that all of the different levels will be even. They are represented by a team of experts that understands how to remove these imperfections and the sloping garden areas where you will likely have roots, mounds of dirt, and weeds – all of which can cause problems when you are trying to put in artificial grass.

There are often visual and technical reasons that you should install this artificial type of grass on the most level ground possible. Aesthetically, it’s just more appealing to the eye, instead of seeing bumps or imperfections that can prove to be unsightly. Since this is artificial turf, you are not going to be able to simply dig up the areas that need to be removed.

This can also prove to be very inconvenient, as well as a safety issue – particularly for those that currently have small children that are going to be out on the grass. On the surface level, if it is a natural surface, with the subbase, this can actually help them by eliminating the potential for hard impacts and injuries. When you have turf that is installed on an uneven surface, people can easily hurt themselves, and they are not necessarily going to land on something that is soft, plus the area that they are landing could be very uneven causing nasty injuries.

From a completely technical perspective, there are so many reasons that you would not want to put any type of artificial grass on an uneven surface. If you do this, you could actually affect your drainage systems adversely, and this could lead to your grass becoming waterlogged, unable to drain, as it would if you did not have an angled surface. You are likely going to see an abundance of weeds that will show up, pushing through to the surface, particularly if you have multiple seams where the artificial turf is coming together.

For all of these reasons, it is so important to install artificial turf on a level surface, and you can easily level out the area before you start. If you decide to do a self installation of this material, with a little bit of work, you will be able to get this done in about a day depending upon the size of your lawn.

The very first thing that you should do is dig up the entire area, specifically where the artificial turf will be placed, removing any type of grass or concrete that may still be there. After you have done this, you will then want to level out the surface, putting down what is called a subbase right on top of the soil, making it much softer so as to make it easier to put your artificial grass down as level as possible.