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Many people in Essex area are begining to embrace artifical grass because of its many advantages. Artificial grass is composed of synethic fibers made to mimic the appearance and feel of natural grass. It does not require watering, fertilizer, or mowing…and comes in a wide variety of colours for the perfect appearance all year round. If you’re looking for the highest quality artificial turf in Essex with outstanding customer service, you’ve come to the right place.

Synthetic grass is the ideal long lasting solution for turf in residential yards, businesses, schools, sports grounds and playgrounds. We have an impeccable reputation for providing long lasting, high quality synthetic turf to homes across Essex. Synthetic grass looks great all year round, regardless of the weather or water conditions. It is soft and comfortable to touch, even when you walk around barefoot. Experience the wonder of artificial turf today by calling our friendly team for expert advice on all our top notch products…

Artificial grass is the ideal solution for your garden, balcony or terrace. An artificial lawn is easy to maintain with no need for watering or mowing. It is child-friendly and looks great all year round.  Your artificial lawn will keep its original green colour for many years. We have been around for many years so we have the confidence that comes with experience to guarantee a 12-year product warranty.

We offers a range of excellent quality products to meet your individual requirements whether you want to install artificial grass in your garden, on your terrace or on your balcony. Artificial turf is suitable for any application and can be installed on almost any surface. We offer complete project management for your garden project from garden design through to artificial grass installation.

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Why should I get artificial grass for my lawn?
When properly installed, synthetic grass gives you back your beautiful lawn without the hassle.

No mowing, no watering, no weeds, no fading, no pet damage, no fertilizing, no chemicals, no allergies, no muddy paw prints.

All at an overall lower cost. Save time and money by installing artificial grass in your residential or commercial area.

Which areas should I use artificial turf in?
Artificial turf can be used in a wide variety of applications such as landscaping areas, residential lawns, yards, commercial landscapes and public common areas.

Pet applications such as dog and cat kennels, dog runs, and pet yards both indoor and outdoor.

Traditionally high maintenance areas such as commercial common areas, poolside parks and areas, and roadway medians.

Recreational applications such as commercial or backyard putting greens, playgrounds, soccer fields, football fields, bocce ball courts, and outdoor sporting areas such as golf courses.

Grass-free green spaces outdoor such as terraces, rooftops, and patios.

Grass-free interior spaces such as set displays, shopping malls, and indoor commercial areas.

How does the quote process work?
Our grass installation specialists will guide you through the process from start to finish.

Contact us for a quote by calling 01702880088 and we can determine your needs and provide a custom quote for you.

It is helpful but not necessary if you know the rough square footage of your lawn, yard, backyard, office, or business you are looking to install turf for. We can then provide you with a rough estimate per square foot.

If you don’t know your rough square footage, no worries. You can either text us a picture of the yard or describe generally what the area looks like.

The square footage estimate can change through different factors depending on your unique situation. There is different pricing depending on which turf is chosen. Finding out which fake grass is best for your needs happens in person. Our representative will come and meet you at your property with samples in hand.

Once you select your desired turf, and are satisfied, we will schedule your install at a convenient time. Once we pick your install date, you can expect 1-3 days for an average install duration depending on the complexity. We look forward to working with you.

How does the install process work?
Upon receiving your deposit and booking your install date, we will begin construction.

The first step is to prepare the base with the permeable aggregate. To do this we will need to dig up your own grass/lawn at least 4” deep.

We then remove any landscaping objects from the lawn, aside from items you would like in the installation such as trees or shrubs.

Once we dig, we place a weed barrier down to ensure no weeds will ever come through your synthetic lawn. Permeable aggregate or “crush” is then placed overtop which allows for proper drainage.

Once this is tampered down, we begin to lay turf. After the turf is properly installed, infill is then used to fill in between the fibers. The infill is used to control odors, keep your grass upright, and keep the grass cool. Finally, we brush the strands upright and your new lawn is installed.

Contact a member of our sales team today to have your install scheduled and constructed.

How much does artificial grass cost?
Your property is unique. The pricing given reflects your yards unique needs. Have confidence that your synthetic turf installation will be a customized, worry-free experience. We are happy to take a look at your yard in person for free and provide a quotation.

If you would like preliminary pricing, we are able to give estimated pricing over the phone if you have a rough idea of the square footage of your lawn. Contact us now for a free quote.

Do I need to cut my artificial grass?
No. Your synthetic grass will never need mowing for as long as it is in your lawn, backyard, residential or commercial area.
We can’t grow grass in our yard, can artificial grass solve this?
Synthetic grass is one of the biggest solutions to homeowners and business owners unable to grow grass. It doesn’t require sunlight, watering, or even good soil to look perfect all year long.
Does bad weather affect artificial grass?
Even in our always cold whether here in England your synthetic turf will stay firm throughout the seasons. Even under heavy snows, rains, winds, your synthetic turf will not get soggy. Once winter is over, simply brush your grass to stand it upright again.
Pet friendly?
Artificial grass is THE solution to your pets yard.

Synthetic turf is a foolproof solution to your furry friends excited trips around your yard. Pee drains straight through and doesn’t stain the grass, poop sits on top of fibers and can be easily picked clean, residue can be hosed down, and the turf is virtually indestructible to digging.

Prevent the muddy paws and yellow spots as well.

What are the differences with artificial grass?
There is a wide selection of artificial turf, feels, and looks of artificial grass. After our quote, we will have a better understanding of your needs and the type of samples we need to show you. The type of artificial grass you end up choosing will depend on a variety of factors:

The most realistic and best looking turf to you.

Pet and dog specific grass, along with an odor free infill designed to be soft on paws.

Fake grass specially formulated for heavy foot traffic.

The most affordable turf for your budget.

Child friendly turf designed to stay cool and allow for as much playing as possible.

To blend in with the neighbors we even have semi dead looking grass to help keep your lawn more low key when compared with your neighbors.

Whatever your needs we have a type of synthetic turf to suit them.

Will synthetic turf blend in with my existing landscape?
We are experts at making your fake grass blend in with your existing landscaping. We will work within the existing landscaping on your property.

Our installation specialists will naturally be able to come up with a plan that suits your space.

Does synthetic turf drain well?
With artificial grass you will not see any run-off from surface drainage. Our synthetic turf will drain at 28” of rainfall square yard every hour.

The base that your artificial grass sits on uses a minimum of 4” of specialized aggregate with permeable qualities to allow for clear drainage.

The base is designed to allow drainage while simultaneously maintaining compaction. We pay special attention to unique factors regarding your properties drainage. This happens during our in person assessment.

Rest assured, even in the heaviest rainfall drainage won’t be a problem.

Can you install landscape grasses around pools, patios, and rooftops?
Yes, they are also more cost effective as usually there is no base prep labour required.
Areas NOT to install artificial grass in?
The only areas we recommend not installing artificial grass are near high efficiency windows. These high efficiency windows magnify the sun to temperatures not safe for any type of grass whether: natural sod, artificial turf, or even plants. We advise our clients to not install fake turf directly next to high efficiency windows.
Does artificial grass get muddy?
Artificial grass itself produces no mud. Your turf will be laid on top gravel and will not get muddy even under the rainiest circumstances like Toronto summer floods. Fake turf will drain freely and no soil or dirt will sit on top of your fake grass.
Will flowerpots damage synthetic grass?
No. Say goodbye to yellow circles underneath your flower pots after they are moved. Feel free to rearrange your landscaping as much as you would like and simply brush the blades of grass back upright when needed.

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