What Is The Lifespan Of An Artificial Grass Carpet?

As an Essex homeowner who has been looking to spruce up your yard and make it aesthetically appealing without having to fork out hefty maintenance fees for your landscaping, you can now smile since there is a cost-effective yet beautiful way to keep your lawns looking beautiful… Ever heard garden landscapes made of artificial grass?

For many homeowners who lean towards this landscaping solution, the biggest question is usually, exactly how long does synthetic grass last?

Honestly speaking, there is no definite answer to the question above. This is because there are very many factors that impact on the lifespan of artificial grass.

In the article below, the focus will be on some of the top factors that will play a key role in determining the durability of the synthetic grass in your garden.

The biggest determinant of how long your artificial grass will last is the material that it is made from. It goes without saying that the better the material, the longer the lifespan of your grass carpet. If you are looking for a carpet of synthetic grass that will last for years to come, you should ensure that you select grass that is made from high-quality materials.

Another factor that will determine the lifespan of your grass is the proficiency of the landscaper you hire to carry out the installation. If you receive high quality installation services, it means that your grass carpet will not face problems such as poor drainage or excessive/perennial weed growth. This essentially means that your synthetic grass carpet will last longer.

Though you can attempt a DIY installation of synthetic grass on your lawn if you are handy, we recommend that you leave the job to skilled and trained landscapers. During a DIY installation, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. For example, you may overstretch the carpet or even leave seams that seem unnatural. On the other hand, if a professional landscaper carries out the installation work, you can be sure that they will install your synthetic grass carpet in such a way that it requires little maintenance and it ends up looking just like natural grass.

One of the main reasons why homeowners favour synthetic grass is that it does require a lot of maintenance like natural grass. Once you lay down the carpet in your garden, you can say goodbye to arduous and time-consuming tasks such as fertilizing, weeding and mowing. However, like all other things, you need to ensure that you regularly carry out the recommended care and maintenance practices on your artificial grass if you want it to remain appealing, healthy-looking and pristine for a long time to come.

When carrying out maintenance on your synthetic grass, there are two main things that you should always remember…

Ensure that you brush or rake the grass infill – When sections of artificial grass are exposed to high volumes of traffic or activity, they can end up becoming compacted. This can make your synthetic grass lose its natural look. To ensure that your grass carpet always has that beautiful and natural look, ensure that you brush or rake the infill occasionally. Brushing your carpet will help the blades of synthetic grass look firm and upright.

You should also remember that the amount of foot traffic that passes on the grass will have a huge impact on its durability. It goes without saying that a grass carpet that is not exposed to a lot of traffic will last longer compared to a carpet that is exposed to a lot of traffic and activity on a daily basis.

One of the best things about synthetic grass carpets is that they are designed and crafted in such a way that they can withstand wear and tear for a long period of time. Even when damages occur, artificial grass carpets can always be repaired easily. If you notice that your carpet has started ripping at the seams or it has become discoloured perhaps because of a fluid spill, you can always call professional landscapers to carry out the requisite repairs.